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Theoretical and experimental performance investigation of a two- axis solar tracker under the climatic condition of Denizli, Turkey

  title={Theoretical and experimental performance investigation of a two- axis solar tracker under the climatic condition of Denizli, Turkey},
  author={Sinan Kivrak and Mustafa G{\"u}nd{\"u}zalp and Furkan Dinçer},
  journal={Przegląd Elektrotechniczny},
In this study, an open-loop, two axes movable photovoltaic (PV) solar tracker is designed and analyzed as detailed. Its performance over a fixed tilted (37 o ) PV system is evaluated theoretically and experimentally for the climatic condition of Denizli, Turkey. Two DC actuators motors are used for the movement of the solar tracker. In addition to the experimental data, a computer program in Visual C#2005 that uses the equations for the solar radiation values of fixed and moving systems is… Expand
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