Theoretical and experimental basis for the inhibition of cataract.

  title={Theoretical and experimental basis for the inhibition of cataract.},
  author={George B. Benedek and Jayanti Pande and G M Thurston and John I Clark},
  journal={Progress in retinal and eye research},
  volume={18 3},
Aggregation of the lens proteins to form high molecular weight clusters is a major contributing factor in age-onset nuclear cataract [Benedek, G. B. (1971) Theory of transparency of the eye. Appl. Optics, 10, 459-473]. This aggregation occurs continually throughout life and contributes to an exponential increase, as a function of age, in the intensity of the light backscattered out of the lens. The time constant deltaT for this exponential increase in human populations is a valuable index… CONTINUE READING

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