Theoretical analysis of trend vanishing moments for directional orthogonal transforms

  title={Theoretical analysis of trend vanishing moments for directional orthogonal transforms},
  author={Shogo Muramatsu and Dandan Han and Tomoya Kobayashi and Hisakazu Kikuchi},
  journal={28th Picture Coding Symposium},
This work contributes to investigate theoretical properties of the trend vanishing moment (TVM) which the authors have defined in a previous work and applied to the directional design of 2-D nonsep-arable GenLOTs. The TVM condition can be regarded as a natural extention of 1-D VM to 2-D one and alternative of the conventional directional vanishing moment (DVM). Firstly, the definition of TVM is given to clarify what it is, and then the mathematical meaning is discussed. While the conventional… 

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  • S. MuramatsuA. YamadaH. Kiya
  • Engineering
    TENCON '97 Brisbane - Australia. Proceedings of IEEE TENCON '97. IEEE Region 10 Annual Conference. Speech and Image Technologies for Computing and Telecommunications (Cat. No.97CH36162)
  • 1997
A lattice structure of multidimensional (MD) linear-phase paraunitary filter banks (LPPUFBs) is proposed, which makes it possible to design such systems in a systematic manner and is shown to be minimal, and the no-DC-leakage condition is presented.

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