Theoretical analysis of the reduction of Néel temperature in La2(Cu1-xZn(orMg)x)O4

  title={Theoretical analysis of the reduction of N{\'e}el temperature in La2(Cu1-xZn(orMg)x)O4},
  author={Takuya Edagawa and Yoshiyuki Fukumoto and Akihide Oguchi},
  journal={Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials},
Abstract Using Tyablikov's decoupling approximation, we calculate the initial suppression rate of the Neel temperature, R IS = - lim x → 0 T N - 1 d T N / d x , in a quasi two-dimensional diluted Heisenberg antiferromagnet with nonmagnetic impurities of concentration x . In order to explain an experimental fact that R IS ( Zn ) = 3.4 of the Zn-substitution is different from R IS ( Mg ) = 3.0 of the Mg-substitution, we propose a model in which impurity substitution reduces the intra-plane… Expand
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