Theoretical analysis of resonant lateral electrostatic Comb drive actuator and sensor

  title={Theoretical analysis of resonant lateral electrostatic Comb drive actuator and sensor},
  author={Farooq Ahmad and Mohd Haris B. Md Khir and Nor Hisham Hamid and John Ojur Dennis},
  journal={2011 National Postgraduate Conference},
This paper investigates the electrostatic drive, sense, spring behavior of long beams, resonant frequency, quality factor, resonator noise and damping of resonator parallel to the substrate, using an interdigitated capacitor (electrostatic comb). Resonant frequency of the device is 9.5 kHz with quality factor 104. Couette damping is dominant that is equal to 5.34×10<sup>•8</sup>. The value of Squeeze film damping is small i.e. 2.436×10<sup>•13</sup> due to end faces of the fingers of comb… CONTINUE READING


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