Theoretical Discovery/Prediction: Weyl Semimetal states in the TaAs material (TaAs, NbAs, NbP, TaP) class

  title={Theoretical Discovery/Prediction: Weyl Semimetal states in the TaAs material (TaAs, NbAs, NbP, TaP) class},
  author={Shin-Ming Huang and Su-Yang Xu and Ilya Belopolski and Chi-Cheng Lee and Guoqing Chang and BaoKai Wang and Nasser Alidoust and Guang Bian and Madhab Neupane and Arun Bansil and Hsin Lin and M Zahid Hasan},
  journal={Nature Communications},
The recent discoveries of Dirac fermions in graphene and on the surface of topological insulators have ignited worldwide interest in physics and materials science. A Weyl semimetal is an unusual crystal where electrons also behave as massless quasi-particles but interestingly they are not Dirac fermions. These massless particles, Weyl fermions, were originally considered in massless quantum electrodynamics but have not been observed as a fundamental particle in nature. A Weyl semimetal provides… Expand
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