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Theoretical Contributions Quality of Life : Definition and Measurement

  title={Theoretical Contributions Quality of Life : Definition and Measurement},
  author={Paraskevi Theofilou},
Abstract Quality of life (QoL) can be defined in many ways, making its measurement and incorporation into scientific study difficult. This is a theoretical paper regarding the definition and measuring of quality of life. The search strategy included a combination of key words 'quality of life', 'definition of QoL' as well as 'measuring QoL' in titles using Medline and Google Scholar databases. Quality of life is a complex, multifaceted construct that requires multiple approaches from different… 

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"Ahead on points" : understanding the long-term impact of colorectal cancer with liver metastases on quality of life and survivorship experiences
The results illustrate that CRC survivors with liver metastases define QOL in different ways and have a broad and diverse range of experiences, which illustrate that cancer survivors may benefit from a wider range of support and expertise.
Determinants of health-related quality of life decline in interstitial lung disease
Around a third of ILD patients experienced a clinically relevant HRQL deterioration in a 12-month period, which was associated with baseline lung function values in all K-BILD domains, and seems important to improve lung function and prevent its decline in order to maintain HRQL on the possibly highest level.
Analysis Of Quality Of Life Of Dialysis Patients (Male And Female) With Kidney Disease
According to the findings dialysis really keeps the body in balance by giving it what it requires like evacuating waste, salt, and additional water from the body to cause hurt.
Critical analysis of housing condition impacts on residents' well-being and social costs
Housing is fundamental to the welfare of people and society. On the contrary, housing may impose costs on users as regards their health and quality of life. These costs are not only individual but
The Correlation between Hearing Loss and the Quality of Life of Workers Exposed to the Noise in the Textile Industry
It is concluded that hearing loss decreases the quality of life among workers exposed to the noise of the textile industry.
Comparing Quality Of Life Midwives Working In the Field Of Health with Midwives Working In the Field Of Health and Medical Treatment of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in Tehran
It is necessary to clarify and strengthen the enforcement mechanisms and forecast and create an efficient and effective laws and regulations as well as preventive and supportive measures in this field.
The Evaluation of the Effects of Borderline Markets Establishment on the Changes of Villagers’ Life Quality Level (Case Study: Dezli Dehestan of Sarvabad County)
PurposeThe present applied survey has been done for the purpose of the evaluation of function quality and effectiveness of Malakhord borderline market on the changes of villagers’ life quality level
Typology and Efficiency Evaluating of the Open and Semi-Open Space in Vernacular Housing With an Emphasis on Enviromental Quality Factors:a Case Study of Western Kurdistan ,Iran
Article Type Original Research Authors Salem M.D.1 MA, Hassan Pour F.*2 PhD, Dezhdar O.3 PhD
The Effectiveness of Schema Therapy Techniques in Mental Health and Quality of Life of Women With Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder
The training of this method can affect the intended components and there was a significant difference between the two groups in the mental health scores in the components of depression, social function disorder, and anxiety.
Card scoring as prognosis tool elderly quality of life in the city of Bengkulu
  • A. RiyadiH. Hermansyah
  • Medicine
    Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Inter-professional Health Collaboration (ICIHC 2018)
  • 2019
The prognosis of the quality of life of the elderly can be determined based on card scoring (environmental welfare, psychological well-being, and physical factors) and the results of the discrimination score of the scoring model were strong.


Elderly people's definitions of quality of life.
Measuring quality of life in Britain: introducing the WHOQOL-100.
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Evaluating the impact of medical care and technologies on the quality of life: a review and critique.
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Importance of differentiating health status from quality of life
The World Health Organization's WHOQOL-BREF quality of life assessment: Psychometric properties and results of the international field trial. A Report from the WHOQOL Group
Overall, the WHOQOL-BREF is a sound, cross-culturally valid assessment of QOL, as reflected by its four domains: physical, psychological, social and environment.
Whose quality of life? A commentary exploring discrepancies between health state evaluations of patients and the general public
Decisions about whose values to measure for the purposes of economic analyses, and how to measure discrepancies, should take these potential contributing factors into account.
Validity and Interpretation of Preference-Based Measures of Health-Related Quality of Life
The approaches to assess and compare the validity of methods used to assign utilities for cost-utility analysis are discussed and the combination of utilities elicited with different protocols in cost-UTility analysis is avoided.
The network of psychological variables in patients with diabetes and their importance for quality of life and metabolic control.
Belief in self-efficacy and active coping behavior appear to have the greatest relevance for achieving the primary treatment goals in patients with diabetes.
Development and validation of the Diabetes Quality of Life Clinical Trial Questionnaire.
The DQLCTQ-R is a reliable, valid, and comprehensive HRQOL instrument suitable in multinational clinical trials to evaluate new or alternative treatments for patients with type I and type II diabetes.