Thematic Evolution of Blue Tourism: A Scientometric Analysis and Systematic Review

  title={Thematic Evolution of Blue Tourism: A Scientometric Analysis and Systematic Review},
  author={Mohammed Ali Sharafuddin and Meena Madhavan},
  journal={Global Business Review},
This study adopts a novel mix of scientometrics, theme-based, citation-based systematic review and interpretative aggregation approach (STCSR-IA) with the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic R... 

Fresh insights into tourism-led economic growth nexus: a systematic literature network analysis approach

ABSTRACT Using over 200 empirical studies curated from web of science (WoS) and Scopus databases, the current study employed systematic literature network (i.e. systematic review and bibliometric)

A Keyword Based Scientometric Analysis of Semantic Web Research in Tourism

An investigation on the extent of semantic web research in the field of tourism has been presented using data retrieved from the Scopus database and Scientometric methods that help in keyword-based analysis were applied.

The Precipitative Effects of Pandemic on Open Innovation of SMEs: A Scientometrics and Systematic Review of Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0

This research aims to study the pre-pandemic and pandemic-period Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0 characteristics in SME research using scientometrics and systematic review using the PRISMA 2020

A Conceptual Technology Readiness Loop Model Through Systematic Review and Thematic synthesis

This research aims to synthesize the themes of technology readiness through a systematic review of articles published in the time-period of 1995-2018 and further develop a technology readiness loop model for commercial new technology development.

The Effects of Innovation Adoption and Social Factors between Sustainable Supply Chain Management Practices and Sustainable Firm Performance: A Moderated Mediation Model

The aim of this study was to develop higher-order scales for assessing sustainable supply chain management practices, innovation adoption, and sustainable firm performance in the restaurant sector.


Coastal tourism destination constitutes one of the largest and fastest-growing segments in the tourism industry. Notably, they are unique; thus, one developmental strategy fits all are no longer

A Systematic Review of Factors Influencing Digital Transformation of SMEs

With the development of Information and communication technology in recent years, digital transformation and technology adoption have become crucial factors for small and medium business

Blue economy: The past and present from the world and future directions for Thailand

This commentary article aims to summarize the past and present research of the blue economy from developing and developed nations and anticipates future research directions in the domain of blue

Assessing mangrove deforestation using pixel-based image: a machine learning approach

The performance of machine learning algorithms such as random forest (RF), support vector machine (SVM), decision tree (DT), and object-based nearest neighbors (NN) algorithms were used in this study to automatically classify mangrove forests using orthophotography and applying an object- based approach to examine three features.



Mapping Open Innovation: A Bibliometric Review to Compare Developed and Emerging Countries

Business and academic interests in open innovation have increased; however, the evolution of this topic in the emerging countries is unknown. This article aims to provide a bibliometric analysis of

The genesis of a new body of sport tourism literature: a systematic review of surf tourism research (1997–2011)

Surf tourism is a rapidly expanding market segment of the wider sport tourism industry and the purpose of this study is to provide an analytical interpretation of surf tourism research. Published and

Corporate Social Responsibility in Developing Countries as an Emerging Field of Study

Given the rising interest in corporate social responsibility (CSR) globally, its local expressions are as varied as they are increasingly visible in both developed and developing countries. This

Assessing servicescape of cruise tourism: the perception of Chinese tourists

Purpose This study aims to develop a comprehensive framework for assessing servicescape of cruise tourism and provides practical suggestions to improve the perception of Chinese tourists

Towards an alternative tourism for Belize

This paper argues that tourism development in Belize should avoid going the traditional mass tourism route of most Caribbean destinations. Instead, it suggests that Belize is at the appropriate stage