Theileria parva epidemics: a case study in eastern Zambia.


This paper presents the results of the follow-up of three sentinel herds between 1994 and 2000 during an East Coast fever (ECF) epidemic in eastern Zambia. The animals of the sentinel herds were closely monitored clinically and serologically together with detailed Rhipicephalus appendiculatus counts. Peaks of disease incidence occurred in the rainy season… (More)


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@article{Billiouw2002TheileriaPE, title={Theileria parva epidemics: a case study in eastern Zambia.}, author={M. Billiouw and Jozef Vercruysse and Tanguy Marcotty and Niko Speybroeck and Gezahegn Chaka and D. L. Berkvens}, journal={Veterinary parasitology}, year={2002}, volume={107 1-2}, pages={51-63} }