Theileria-induced leukocyte transformation.

  title={Theileria-induced leukocyte transformation.},
  author={Dirk A. E. Dobbelaere and Sven Rottenberg},
  journal={Current opinion in microbiology},
  volume={6 4},
The intracellular protozoan parasites Theileria parva and T. annulata transform the cells they infect, inducing uncontrolled proliferation. This is not a trivial event as, in addition to permanently switching on the complex pathways that govern all steps of the cell cycle, the built-in apoptotic safety mechanisms that prevent 'illegitimate' cell replication also need to be inactivated. Recent experiments show that the NF-kappa B and phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PtdIns-3K) pathways are important… CONTINUE READING

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