Theft from math office : second in two weeks By DAN


: • •* , p**i,’ p • .¡. * pr p , Theft from math office: second in two weeks By DAN RUTHEMEYER Writef Computer equipment was stolen over the weekend from the Math Department Testinj{ Office m Fisher Science Mall, making it the second theft in two weeks from the rixjm Amon>; the computer items taken were an Apple printer, a printer interface, a disc rlrive and software that are valued at .$1,100, said Cal I’olv Investi^jator Hay Merrett. The first of the hur«laries from the Testing Office was commit­ ted over the first weekend of May and involved the theft ot a typewriter and dictaphone valued at $7 t0 Because there was no sijjn of forced entry into the room, Berrett said he twlieves that fnith burglaries were committed with t he use of a key " There were no signs of prying around the door or scratch marks around the lock that would lead us to Irelieve the lock was pick­ ed,' said Berrett "The only way for them to have gotten in t-his door is with a key " Fingerprints taken Monday from a computer monitor in the room failed to tie of any use to police in determining who had committiHi the theft the fingerprints weren't clear, said Berrett The printer interface that was stolen was taken from the inside of an Apple 111 computer VN'hile the interface was stolen, the frame of the computer was left needs Food scarcity is a myth, world hunger expert says behind, said Berrett .Martin Lang, math professor said he believes that the reason why only the interface was stolen is that the computer itself doesn't have much worth "The computer is not new and it is not of any significant value, ” said Lang "When .Apple put this computer out it wasn't real popular and it didn't sell that y.ell" Having put the computer in the testing office on Friday, the Math Department was in the process of Imking down the computer with a cable and et­ ching in identification with an electric pencil Lang said that while an at tempt to prevent a theft was be­ ing taken, the .Math Department had not taken out insurance in t he event of a theft "We Ithe Math Department! have talked about getting in' surance, but insurance com­ panies will charge rates that may amount to being more than the system itself, " said Lang The software that was taken didrt't contain data, but did have c o m p u te r p ro g ram s and operating systems, said Lang. The testing office is provided by the Math Department as a service to high schools that wish to have diagnostic tests available to students It is provided to high school students to deter­ mine if they are taking the math courses that will meet their

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