Theatspo11-1 mutation rescues atxrcc3 meiotic chromosome fragmentation

  title={Theatspo11-1 mutation rescues atxrcc3 meiotic chromosome fragmentation},
  author={Jean-Yves Bleuyard and Maria Eugenia Gallego and Charles I White},
  journal={Plant Molecular Biology},
Homologous recombination events occurring during meiotic prophase I ensure the proper segregation of homologous chromosomes at the first meiotic division. These events are initiated by programmed double-strand breaks produced by the Spo11 protein and repair of such breaks by homologous recombination requires a strand exchange activity provided by the Rad51 protein. We have recently reported that the absence of AtXrcc3, an ArabidopsisRad51 paralogue, leads to extensive chromosome fragmentation… CONTINUE READING
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