Theatre and the Taipings

  title={Theatre and the Taipings},
  author={Colin Patrick Mackerras},
  journal={Modern China},
  pages={473 - 501}
The Taiping uprising of the period 1850 to 1866 represented by far the largest social upheaval in Chinese history before our own century. In fact, in his monumental work on the subject, Franz Michael (1966: vii) states that it was "as violent and complete a social revolution against an existing order as was ever attempted; indeed it can serve as a case study of revolution." As befits so important a movement, the Taiping revolution has attracted a great deal of comment and research, both in its… 

Revolutionary Drama and Song in the Jiangxi Soviet

Examinations of Chinese literature and art of the 1930s usually focus on the works of major figures in the coastal cities. Where the political issues of the period are involved, again the focus is

Foreignized or Domesticated: Investigating Translation for Enhancing Artistic Dialogue

Translation plays a significant role in intercultural communication for it not only enables two cultures to converse with each other but also helps to reveal the disparity and unbalance between

Modern Drama Studies: An Annual Bibliography

The present annual bibliography follows the basic principles and limitations described in the first installment of March '974. The main objective is to record current scholarship, criticism, and

Beijing Opera Cultural Heritage - A Service Design Perspective

  • Lu Wang
  • Sociology
  • 2018
The primary forms of promoting Beijing Opera are one-way conversations, lacking any interaction between different stakeholders, which make Beijing Opera monotonous, unattractive, and lack sustainable cultural heritage.



The Taiping ideology : its sources, interpretations, and influences

some of the basic principles of Chinese philosophy. In a volume such as this, it is perhaps inevitable that many ideas are treated more than once. The reader should not be surprised to find different

Lun Changsha Xiangxi di liubian" (On the Development of the Hunan Theatre of Changsha)

  • Zhongguo xiqu yanjiu ziliao chuji
  • 1957

Tiantiao shu

    Dunbi suiwen lu" (Dunbi’s Eyewitness Records) Preface

    • 1958

    Taiping relations with secret societies and with other rebels

    • Movements and Secret Societies in China 1840-1950
    • 1972

    Taiping tianguo shiwen xuan (A Selection of Poems and Prose Compositions of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom) Beijing: Zhonghua shuju

    • Taiping tianguo shigao (Draft History of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom)
    • 1955