TheRole ofNeutrophils inType IICollagen-Induced Arthritis inRats

  title={TheRole ofNeutrophils inType IICollagen-Induced Arthritis inRats},
  author={Mark E. Lesch},
Type IIcollagen-induced arthritis isapathologic process mediated, inpart, byhumoral immunemechanisms. Becausemanyantibody-mediated reactions areneutrophildependent, therole ofthis cell population wasexamined incollagen arthritis. Inratsdepleted ofneutrophils with rabbit anti-rat neutrophil antiserum (ANS), swelling and inflammation associated withthearthritic response were maximally reduced by65%(P<0.001). ANStreatment hadnodetectable effect ondelayed hypersensitivity or antibody response… CONTINUE READING

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