TheLp-integrability of the partial derivatives of A quasiconformal mapping

  title={TheLp-integrability of the partial derivatives of A quasiconformal mapping},
  author={Frederick W. Gehring},
  journal={Acta Mathematica},
  • F. Gehring
  • Published 1 July 1973
  • Mathematics
  • Acta Mathematica
Jf(x) = lim sup m(f(B(x, r)))/m(B(x, r)), r->0 where B(x, r) denotes the open ^-dimensional ball of radius r about x and m denotes Lebesgue measure in R. We call Lf(x) and Jf(x\ respectively, the maximum stretching and generalized Jacobian for the homeomorphism ƒ at the point x. These functions are nonnegative and measurable in D, and Lebesgue's theorem implies that Jf is locally LMntegrable there. Suppose in addition that ƒ is X-quasiconformal in D. Then Lf ^ KJf a.e. in D, and thus Lf is… 

Nonlinear analysis and quasiconformal mappings from the perspective of PDEs

Introduction. The general trend of the geometric function theory in R is to generalize certain topological aspects of the analytic functions of one complex variable. The category of mappings that one

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We establish a connection between the function space BMO and the theory of quasisymmetric mappings on spaces of homogeneous type X̃ := (X, ρ, μ). The connection is that the logarithm of the

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Solutions to nonlocal equations with measurable coefficients are higher differentiable. Specifically, we consider nonlocal integrodifferential equations with measurable coefficients whose model is

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Which nonnegative functions can arise, up to a bounded multiplicative error, as Jacobian determinants Jf(x) = det(Df(x)) of quasiconformal mappings f :R n → R, n ≥ 2? Which metric spaces are

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AbstractWe study a parabolic system of the form ∂tu = divxA(x, t, ▿xu) in a bounded cylinder QT = Ω × (0, T) ⊂ ℝx,tn+1. Here the matrix function A(x, t, ζ) is subject to the conditions of power

Gehring's lemma for nondoubling measures.

Q g(x)w(x) dx, with w(Q) = ∫ Q w(x) dx. If the underlying measure μ := w(x) dx satisfies the doubling condition—that is, if there exists a constant c > 0 such that μ(B(x, 2r)) ≤ cμ(B(x, r))—then by

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Let L = −∆+ V be a Schrödinger operator on R, d ≥ 3, where V is a nonnegative function, V 6= 0, and belongs to the reverse Hölder class RHd/2. The purpose of this paper is three-fold. First, we prove

L p -theory of quasiregular mappings

Historically the origin of quasiconformal mappings is connected with developments of the methods of complex functions. Since the power of this concept was first realized, quasiconformal mappings have

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We establish borderline regularity for solutions of the Beltrami equation f z−μ fz̄ = 0 on the plane, where μ is a bounded measurable function, ‖μ‖∞ = k < 1. What is the minimal requirement of the

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We adopt the idea of Baire's category method as presented in a series of papers by Dacorogna and Marcellini to study the boundary value problem for quasiregular mappings in space. Our main result is



Quasiconformal mappings in space

U' denotes the image of U, the disk | s — So| <r, and m denotes Lebesgue plane measure. If w(z) is difîerentiable a t So, then w(z) is locally affine at z<> and maps the infinitesimal circles | z —

The $L^p$-integrability of the partial derivatives of a quasiconformal mapping

. Suppose that f:D -• R n is an «-dimensional J^-quasi- conformal mapping. Then the first partial derivatives off are locally ZZ-integrable in D for/? e [ 1, n + c), where c is a positive constant

On the existence of certain singular integrals

Let f (x) and K (x) be two functions integrable over the interval (-∞,+∞). It is very well known that their composition $$ \int\limits_{{ - \infty }}^{{ + \infty }} {f(t)K\left( {x - t} \right)dt}

Quasi-conformal mappings inn-space and the rigidity of hyperbolic space forms

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Symmetrization of rings in space

holds. We then estimate mod R' either by means of the space analogues of the Grötzsch and Teichmüller rings or by means of spherical annuli. The two bounds we obtain are given in Theorem 3 of §17 and

Singular Integrals and Di?erentiability Properties of Functions

A plurality of disks include solid laserable material and are in parallel spaced apart relation within a transparent tubular enclosure. Spaces between the disks constitute portions of a collant fluid


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