TheIL-4 andIL-5 genes are closely linked and are part of a cytokine gene cluster on mouse chromosome 11

  title={TheIL-4 andIL-5 genes are closely linked and are part of a cytokine gene cluster on mouse chromosome 11},
  author={Janet S. Lee and Hugh D. Campbell and Christine A Kozak and Ian G. Young},
  journal={Somatic Cell and Molecular Genetics},
The murine IL-4and IL-5genes encode hemopoietic growth factors involved in the stimulation, proliferation, and differentiation of cells of the T lymphocyte, B lymphocyte, and granulocyte lineages. We have mapped the Il-4 and Il-5 loci representing the structural genes for IL-4and IL-5,respectively, to mouse chromosome 11 using Chinese hamster ×mouse and rat × mouse somatic cell hybrids. Physical linkage studies of the IL-4and IL-5genes by pulsed field gel electrophoresis have shown that they… 
TheIL-1α and β genes are closely linked (<70 kb) on mouse chromosome 2
It is shown, using pulsed-field gel electrophoresis, that theIL-1α and β genes of the CBA/H mouse are very closely linked and contained within a SmaI genomic fragment of ∼70 kb.
Identification of 40 genes on a 1-Mb contig around the IL-4 cytokine family gene cluster on mouse chromosome 11.
A total of 40 genes including 6 cytokine genes have been physically mapped within 1 Mb of mouse chromosome 11, and should prove valuable as a complement to genomic sequencing and expression-dependent transcript maps of this segment of the genome.
Localization of the interleukin-3 gene to rat chromosome 10 by linkage analyses with a variable number of tandem repeats (VNTR)
The polymorphism and linkage of this VNTR is investigated using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and microsatellite loci of RatNGFR and RatABPG were analyzed according to Hilbert and colleagues (1991).
Localization of the human Chromosome 5q genes Gabra-1, Gabrg-2, Il-4, Il-5, and Irf-1 on mouse Chromosome 11
The '~2 subunit of the GABAA receptor (Gabrg-2) and the interferon regulatory factor 1 (Irf-1) genes have been mapped for the first time on mouse Chromosome (Chr) 11. Their map position reinforces


The human genes for GM-CSF and IL 3 are closely linked in tandem on chromosome 5
This linkage in evolution of two relatively divergent genes further implies that some of the other lymphokine and cytokine genes that appear to share as much or more sequence similarity than do IL 3 and GM- CSF may be distantly related members of a cytokine gene family.
Structural analysis of the mouse chromosomal gene encoding interleukin 4 which expresses B cell, T cell and mast cell stimulating activities
There is a fairly high degree of homology between mouse interleukin 4 and mouse IL-2 genes extending more than 200 bp upstream of a "TATA" like sequence located 20 bp downstream of the transcription initiation site that may play an important role in the regulated expression of this gene in concanavalin A or antigen-stimulated T lymphocytes.
Genetic mapping of the mouse interleukin 3 gene to chromosome 11.
Results demonstrate that the IL 3 gene is located on chromosome 11, and under the conditions used, no hybridization was detected to Chinese hamster DNA.
Gene for T-cell growth factor: location on human chromosome 4q and feline chromosome B1.
The homologous TCGF locus in the domestic cat was assigned to chromosome B1 by using a somatic cell hybrid panel that segregates cat chromosomes and linkage studies as well as high-resolution G-trypsin banding indicate that this feline chromosome is partially homologueous to human chromosome 4.
Structure of the chromosomal gene for murine interleukin 3.
Stable transformants of L cells generated by co-transformation of the IL-3 gene with pSV2neo constitutively express MCGF activity indicating that the isolated gene is functional in vivo.
The interleukin 3 gene is located on human chromosome 5 and is deleted in myeloid leukemias with a deletion of 5q.
Findings and earlier results indicating that GM-CSF, CSF-1, and FMS were deleted in the 5q-chromosome suggest that loss of IL-3 or of other CSF genes may play an important role in the pathogenesis of hematologic disorders associated with a del(5q).
Mouse immune interferon (IFN-γ) gene is on chromosome 10
A cDNA clone for mouse immune interferon has been used to map the mouse Ifgtgene in cell hybrids and its chromosomal location were determined by assaying cell hybrid DNA for the presence of the 18-kb HindIII fragment by Southern filter hybridization.
Close genetic and physical linkage between the murine haemopoietic growth factor genes GM‐CSF and Multi‐CSF (IL3).
The chromosomal location of the genes encoding the two murine haemopoietic growth factors, granulocyte‐macrophage colony stimulating factor and Multi‐CSF, is reported.
Cloning and nucleotide sequence of the murine interleukin-3 gene.
Southern hybridization analysis using a probe derived from a murine interleukin-3 (IL-3) cDNA clone revealed the presence of a single IL-3 gene in the haploid murine genome, establishing that the unprocessed primary structure of IL- 3 is identical in WEHI-3 and in BALB/c mice.