The zombie commodity: hair and the politics of its globalization

  title={The zombie commodity: hair and the politics of its globalization},
  author={Esther Berry},
  journal={Postcolonial Studies},
  pages={63 - 84}
Fair tresses man’s imperial race insnare, And beauty draws us with a single hair [ . . .] What dire offence from am’rous causes springs, What mighty contests rise from trivial things [ . . .] The Lock, obtain’d with Guilt, and kept with Pain, In ev’ry place is fought, but fought in vain [ . . .] Then cease, bright Nymph! to mourn the ravish’d Hair Which adds new Glory to the shining Sphere! Not all the Tresses that fair Head can boast Shall draw such Envy as the Lock you lost. 
Transnational Hair Trade
For many people, beautiful hair is a badge of beauty. Both wealthy consumers and people from less affluent classes from all over the world are eager to pay an enormous price to fulfill their dreamsExpand
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Gendered informality in Egyptian beauty’ salonsEgyptian female manicurists who cannot afford the beauty price
APA Citation Amer, H. (2013).Gendered Informality in Egyptian Beauty’ Salons Egyptian Female Manicurists Who Cannot Afford the Beauty Price [Master’s thesis, the American University in Cairo]. AUCExpand
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The debate between Mike Cole and David Gillborn which has raged in Power and Education and elsewhere is indicative of a widening schism between Marxism and critical race theory. To describe thisExpand
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Don’t Fear the Reaper? The Zombie University and Eating Braaaains
All authors and readers have the right to download, copy, distribute, modify, create derivative works and display publicly the articles in electronic, digital, or print form, provided that theExpand


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Going to great lengths
Faisal Mahmood and Hassan Dehaini, J. Ray McDermott, USA, discuss the installation phase of the Chevron Tahiti subsea field development project.
Great Lengths International
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For a detailed discussion of oocyte and embryo donation as a form of arduous and arguably unethical bodily labour, see Waldby and Mitchell, Tissue Economies, pp 28, 59Á87. See also Catherine Waldby
  • 2006