The young HD 73583 (TOI-560) planetary system: Two 10-M$_\oplus$ mini-Neptunes transiting a 500-Myr-old, bright, and active K dwarf

  title={The young HD 73583 (TOI-560) planetary system: Two 10-M\$\_\oplus\$ mini-Neptunes transiting a 500-Myr-old, bright, and active K dwarf},
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We present the disco v ery and characterization of two transiting planets observed by TESS in the light curves of the young and bright ( V = 9.67) star HD73583 (TOI-560). We perform an intensive spectroscopic and photometric space- and ground-based follow-up in order to confirm and characterize the system. We found that HD73583 is a young ( ∼ 500 Myr) active star with a rotational period of 12.08 ± 0.11 d, and a mass and radius of 0.73 ± 0.02 M (cid:3) and 0.65 ± 0.02 R (cid:3) , respectively… 

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