The x-ray analysis of complicated molecules.

  title={The x-ray analysis of complicated molecules.},
  author={Dorothy Mary Crowfoot Hodgkin},
  volume={150 3699},
  • D. Hodgkin
  • Published 19 November 1965
  • Chemistry, Medicine
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Antivitamins B12.
Antivitamins B12—Some Inaugural Milestones
The derived capacity of antivitamins B12 to induce functional B12‐deficiency in mammalian cells and organs also suggest their valuable potential as growth inhibitors of cancerous human and animal cells.
Exceptional Photochemical Stability of the Co–C Bond of Alkynyl Cobalamins, Potential Antivitamins B12 and Core Elements of B12-Based Biological Vectors
Ultrafast spectroscopic studies of the excited state dynamics and mechanism for ground state recovery demonstrate that the Co–C bond of alkynylcobalamins is stable, with the Co-N bond and ring deformations mediating internal conversion and ground state Recovery within 100 ps.
Dihydrogen Bond in the Aminoborane Complex of a Nicergoline Intermediate
An aminoborane side product from the nicergoline manufacture process was identified by single-crystal X-ray diffraction and surprisingly, the packing was stabilized by a dihydrogen bond, which triggered a false alert for too-short contact of hydrogen atoms in IUCR checkCIF.
The Hydrogenobyric Acid Structure Reveals the Corrin Ligand as an Entatic State Module Empowering B12 Cofactors for Catalysis
The biosynthesis of the cobalt‐free B12 corrin moiety, hydrogenobyric acid (Hby), a compound crafted through pathway redesign revealed a distorted helical cavity, redefining the pattern for binding cobalt ions, promotes the activation of B12‐cofactors for their challenging chemical transitions.
Biological Organometallic Chemistry of Vitamin B12-Derivatives
  • B. Kräutler
  • Chemistry
    Advances in Bioorganometallic Chemistry
  • 2019
Sensors for harsh environments using infrared attenuated total reflection spectroscopy
Page 9 of 143 I. Abstract This cumulative thesis is based on five peer-reviewed publications and one conference contribution/proceedings. Three of the manuscripts discuss in-situ infrared


An improved numerical method of two-dimensional fourier synthesis for crystals
It is shown that a two-dimensional Fourier summation for a crystal without a centre of symmetry can be resolved into one-dimensional summations, and these latter can be calculated very rapidly by
A Synthetic Route to the Corrin System
The synthesis of the nickel(II) complex of (±)-1,8,8,13,13-pentamethyl-trans-corrin illustrates a synthetic route to the corrin system. Repeated use of triethyloxonium tetrafluoroborate in this
The structure of vitamin B12. II. The crystal structure of a hexacarboxylic acid obtained by the degradation of vitamin B12
A hexacarboxylic acid, obtained by the degradation of vitamin B12 by Cannon, Johnson & Todd in 1953 has been examined by X-ray analytical methods. These lead to a solution of both the crystal and
The structure of vitamin B12. I. An outline of the crystallographic investigation of vitamin B12
The structure of vitamin B12 has been examined by the X-ray analysis of four different crystal structures, air-dried and wet vitamin B 12, the selenocyanate derivative of B12, and a hexacarboxylic
The x-ray analysis of the structure of cephalosporin C.
The disulphide bonds of insulin.