The working classes and higher education: Meritocratic fallacies of upward mobility in the United Kingdom

  title={The working classes and higher education: Meritocratic fallacies of upward mobility in the United Kingdom},
  author={Diane Reay},
  journal={European Journal of Education},
  • D. Reay
  • Published 25 January 2021
  • Education
  • European Journal of Education

Understanding and managing identity: working-class students at the University of Oxford

ABSTRACT This study aims to add to the literature that explores the experiences of working-class students within elite higher education institutions. It has been undertaken at a time when there is a

‘I Still See the Elitism’. Classical languages and the language of class at Liverpool

  • M. Perale
  • Education
    Journal of Classics Teaching
  • 2022
The article discusses the issue of access to Classical education in general and Greek and Latin language in particular currently experienced by working-class students in the UK, both at high school



"You Always Remain Slightly an Outsider": Workplace Experiences of Academics from Working-Class or Impoverished Backgrounds.

The lived experience of social mobility is explored through an analysis of 11 semistructured interviews with Canadian academics who self-identified as having working-class or impoverished family origins, suggesting it may exact a high emotional cost.

Working the Borderlands: working-class students constructing hybrid identities and asserting their place in higher education

Abstract Through the case-study experiences of 24 White and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) working-class students from three very different universities, we aim to illuminate the often

Different strokes for different folks: diverse students in diverse institutions – experiences of higher education

In the context of widening participation policies, polarisation of types of university recruitment and a seemingly related high drop‐out rate amongst first generation, working class students, we

Precarious success and the conspiracy of reflexivity: questioning the ‘habitus transformation’ of working-class students at elite universities

ABSTRACT Some authors argue that access to elite universities can bring about a ‘habitus transformation’ for working-class students, however in this paper, based on a three-year life history study,

Stigma and the Journey of Extreme Social Mobility: Notes on the Management of Discreditable Identities in a High Status University Degree

Despite significant policy efforts to widen participation, non-traditional students continue to be under-represented in high status university degrees such as medicine. Although this issue is both

Re‐Establishing the Social‐Class Order: Restorative Reactions against High‐Achieving, Low‐SES Pupils

This research investigates a barrier faced by low-SES pupils who are on an upward social mobility trajectory: resistance to their high-achiever status. We hypothesize that, as they disconfirm the

Poor but Warm, Rich but Cold (and Competent): Social Classes in the Stereotype Content Model

Social class divides worsened during and after the Great Recession; this article documents one cultural feature of this divide, social-class stereotypes, both at the societal level (across nations)

Habitus conflicts and experiences of symbolic violence as obstacles for non-traditional students

Despite an expansion of educational opportunities throughout the EU, access to university is still distributed based on social inequality. This tendency can be observed in all EU countries, with

Habitus Transformation and Hidden Injuries

As the numbers of working-class students at university grow, we need to gain a better understanding of the different ways in which they consolidate their working-class habitus with the middle-class