The woman behind Frey's syndrome: the tragic life of Lucja Frey.


OBJECTIVE The auriculotemporal syndrome is known worldwide as Frey's syndrome. However, the Jewish physician Lucja Frey, after whom it was named, has fallen into obscurity. The little information about her is fragmentary, contradictory, and often incorrect. STUDY DESIGN To reconstruct the life of Lucja Frey, who was murdered by the Nazis in her native town of Lwów, it was imperative to look for original documents as irrevocable proof of her life. METHODS During this research, more than 100 archives and institutions in 8 countries have been contacted. RESULTS With the archive materials, it was possible for the first time to create a complete picture of the life of this fascinating physician. Furthermore, her day of death, unknown until now, could be determined with great plausibility. The lasting impression is not only of a tragic death under the Nazis but also of a tragic life as a whole. CONCLUSION Lucja Frey would have been forgotten if not for the eponym Frey's syndrome. In this way, she is remembered not only as an unusual woman, physician, and scientist but also as one of millions of Jews murdered by the Nazis. This may be the only key remaining to prevent the repetition of one of the most haunting and devastating times in history.

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