The whistling potentiality of an orifice in a confined flow using an energetic criterion

  title={The whistling potentiality of an orifice in a confined flow using an energetic criterion},
  author={Philippe Testud and Yves Aur{\'e}gan and Pierre Moussou and A. Hirschberg},
Using a two-source method, the scattering matrices of 10 sharp-edged thin orifices are measured under different subsonic flow conditions. The data are analysed in terms of net acoustical energy balance: the potential whistling frequency range is defined as the one associated with acoustical energy production. A Strouhal number describing the maximum whistling potentiality is found to be equal to 0.2–0.35, based on the orifice thickness and the orifice jet velocity. It appears to depend on the… CONTINUE READING


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