The wheels on the bus go "buy buy buy": school bus advertising laws.


School buses, a practical necessity for millions of children, are at the center of new efforts to raise revenue. School bus advertising laws bring public health and commercialization concerns to the school setting. In doing so, they potentially expose school districts to First Amendment lawsuits. I examined various school bus advertising bills and laws. I reviewed First Amendment "forum analysis" as applied in the transit and school settings to clarify how this legal test may affect school districts subject to such laws. I have made recommendations for school districts to enact appropriate policies to ensure that such advertising does not undermine public health and to enable the districts to maintain control over their property.

DOI: 10.2105/AJPH.2012.300718

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@article{Pomeranz2012TheWO, title={The wheels on the bus go "buy buy buy": school bus advertising laws.}, author={Jennifer L. Pomeranz}, journal={American journal of public health}, year={2012}, volume={102 9}, pages={1638-43} }