The wheelchair skills test (version 2.4): measurement properties.

  title={The wheelchair skills test (version 2.4): measurement properties.},
  author={R Lee Kirby and Debbie J. Dupuis and Angela H Macphee and Anna L Coolen and Cher Smith and Krista L Best and Allison M Newton and Anita D Mountain and D. A. MacLeod and James P Bonaparte},
  journal={Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation},
  volume={85 5},
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the measurement properties of the Wheelchair Skills Test (WST), version 2.4. DESIGN Cohort study. SETTING Rehabilitation center. PARTICIPANTS A total of 298 subjects (169 wheelchair users, 129 able-bodied subjects) ranging in age from 17 to 88 years. INTERVENTION We videotaped subjects as they attempted the 50 skills of the WST 2.4. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES The test-retest, intrarater, and interrater reliabilities were determined on a subset of 20 wheelchair users… CONTINUE READING

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