The west American mollusks of the genus Cingula

  title={The west American mollusks of the genus Cingula},
  author={P. Bartsch}
  • P. Bartsch
  • Biology
  • Of the genus Cingula we now know six species on the West Coast of America, three of which are new. The first record was made by Doctor Krause in a paper on the Molhiska of Bering Sea/ when he described Cingula rohusta (Dall MS.) Ki-ause. The following year Doctor Dall redescribed Cingula robusta and named the two extremes of this form C. r. martyni and C. r. scipio, suggesting martyni for the specific name, if the information he had received that rohusta was preoccupied should prove true.^ In… CONTINUE READING
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