The welfare effects of FDI: A quantitative analysis

  title={The welfare effects of FDI: A quantitative analysis},
  author={Bal{\'a}zs Z{\'e}lity},
  journal={Journal of Comparative Economics},
  • Balázs Zélity
  • Published 1 October 2021
  • Economics
  • Journal of Comparative Economics

Like the new and hate the old: The impact of fiscal decentralization on regional development strategy

This paper evaluates the impact of China’s fiscal decentralization reform, namely the “Province-Managing-County” (PMC) fiscal reform, on local governments’ regional development strategy using

The International Distribution of FDI Income And Its Impact on Income Inequality

  • J. Joyce
  • Economics
    SSRN Electronic Journal
  • 2021
Income generated by foreign direct investments (FDI) has grown since the 1990s, and now represents a substantial portion of many countries’ current accounts. Some of these flows are routed through



Firm Size Matters: Growth and Productivity Growth in African Manufacturing

In a sample of manufacturing firms from nine sub‐Saharan African countries, large firms are found to be extremely important. As in more developed economies, they achieve higher productivity levels

The Sources of International Investment Income in Emerging Market Economies

  • J. Joyce
  • Economics
    Review of International Economics
  • 2019
We investigate international investment income flows in 26 emerging market countries during the period of 1998-2015. Net investment income registered a deficit for this group of countries of between

The Stabilizing Role of Net Foreign Asset Returns

With the rapid growth of countries' foreign asset and liability positions over the last two decades, financial returns on those positions ('NFA returns') have become material drivers of current

The External Wealth of Nations Revisited: International Financial Integration in the Aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis

This paper documents the evolution of international financial integration since the global financial crisis using an updated dataset on external assets and liabilities, covering 212 economies for the

Understanding South Africa’s current account deficit: The role of foreign direct investment income

This article highlights the prominence of net investment income payments made to foreign direct investors in South Africa’s current account deficit. After a brief history of South Africa’s balance of

What drives FDI in Central–Eastern Europe? Evidence from the IWH-FDI-Micro database

The focus of this article is on the match between strategic motives of foreign investors in Central–Eastern Europe and locational advantages offered by these countries. Our analysis makes use of the

Which Firms Create Them and Which Firms Really Benefit? FDI Spillovers in New EU Member States

Using an unbalanced panel of firm-level data in Bulgaria, Poland and Romania, we examine the impact of foreign firms on domestic firms’ productivity. In particular, we try to answer the following