The web of modularity : arithmetic of the coefficients of modular forms and q-series

  title={The web of modularity : arithmetic of the coefficients of modular forms and q-series},
  author={Ken Ono},
  • K. Ono
  • Published 22 December 2003
  • Mathematics
Basic facts Integer weight modular forms Half-integral weight modular forms Product expansions of modular forms on $\mathrm{SL}_2(\mathbb{Z})$ Partitions Weierstrass points on modular curves Traces of singular moduli and class equations Class numbers of quadratic fields Central values of modular $L$-functions and applications Basic hypergeometric generating functions for $L$-values Gaussian hypergeometric functions Bibliography Index. 
On Fourier coefficients of modular forms of half integral weight at squarefree integers
We show that the Dirichlet series associated to the Fourier coefficients of a half-integral weight Hecke eigenform at squarefree integers extends analytically to a holomorphic function in the
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Sturm obtained the bounds for the number of the first Fourier coefficients of elliptic modular form $f$ to determine vanishing of $f$ modulo a prime $p$. In this paper, we study analogues of Sturm's
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Zagier [23] proved that the generating functions for the traces of level 1 singular moduli are weight 3/2 modular forms. He also obtained generalizations for “twisted traces”, and for traces of
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We study the probabilistic behavior of sums of Fourier coefficients in arithmetic progression. We prove a result analogous to previous work of Fouvry-GangulyKowalski-Michel and Kowalski-Ricotta in
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Bruinier and Ono classified cusp forms of half-integral weight F(z):=∞Σn=0a(n)q n ∈ S λ+1 2 (Γ 0 (N), Χ )∩Z[[q]] whose Fourier coefficients are not well distributed for modulo odd primes l. Ahlgren
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We describe the complex multiplication (CM) values of modular functions for $$\Gamma _0(N)$$Γ0(N) whose divisor is given by a linear combination of Heegner divisors in terms of special cycles on the
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Suppose that f is an elliptic modular form with integral coefficients. Sturm obtained in (14) bounds for a nonnegative integer n such that every Fourier coefficient of f vanishes modulo a prime p if
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Recent works have used the theory of modular forms to establish linear congruences for the partition function and for traces of singular moduli. We show that this type of phenomenon is completely