The weak mixing angle from an SU(3) symmetry at a TeV

  title={The weak mixing angle from an SU(3) symmetry at a TeV},
  author={Savas Dimopoulos and David Elazzar Kaplan},
  journal={Physics Letters B},
Electroweak unification into a five-dimensional SU(3) at a TeV
The Weak Mixing Angle From TeV Scale Quark-Lepton Unification
Unified theories based on an extended left-right symmetric group, SU(4) × SU(2)4, are constructed in five dimensions. The compactification scale is assumed to be only a loop factor above the weak
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A possibility of 5D gauge unification of SU(2)L × U(1)Y in SU(3)W is examined. The orbifold compactification allows fixed points where SU(2)L × U(1)Y representations can be assigned. We present a few
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The minimal SU(3) model for electroweak unification has been proposed and analyzed in the literature. The main attraction of this model is its prediction of the weak mixing angle which holds
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The logarithmic running of the gauge couplings alpha_1, alpha_2 and alpha_3, indicates that they may unify at some scale M_GUT ~ 10^16. This is often taken to imply that the standard model gauge
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In theories with TeV string scale and sub-millimeter extra dimensions the attractive picture of logarithmic gauge coupling unification at 10{sup 16} GeV is seemingly destroyed. In this paper we argue
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We recently proposed a solution to the hierarchy problem not relying on low-energy supersymmetry or technicolor. Instead, the problem is nullified by bringing quantum gravity down to the TeV scale.