The vortex-finding property of maximal center (and other) gauges

  title={The vortex-finding property of maximal center (and other) gauges},
  author={Manfried Faber and Jeff Greensite and {\vS}. Olejńık and Daisuke Yamada},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
We argue that the ``vortex-finding'' property of maximal center gauge, i.e. the ability of this gauge to locate center vortices inserted by hand on any given lattice, is the key to its success in extracting the vortex content of thermalized lattice configurations. We explain how this property comes about, and why it is expected not only in maximal center gauge, but also in an infinite class of gauge conditions based on adjoint-representation link variables. In principle, the vortex-finding… 
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