The volume of the toad medial amygdala-anterior preoptic complex is sexually dimorphic and seasonally variable

  title={The volume of the toad medial amygdala-anterior preoptic complex is sexually dimorphic and seasonally variable},
  author={Shigeru Takami and Akihisa Urano},
  journal={Neuroscience Letters},

Effects of testosterone on a selected neuronal population within the preoptic sexually dimorphic nucleus of the Japanese quail

The effects of testosterone on the volume and cytoarchitecture of the sexually dimorphic nucleus of the preoptic area (POM) were investigated in male and female Japanese quail and it was confirmed that castration decreases the POM volume in males and that testosterone increases this volume to values similar to those observed in intact sexually mature males.

The afferent projections to the anterior part of the preoptic nucleus in Japanese toads, Bufo japonicus

The afferent innervations of the anterior part of the preoptic nucleus (APON), which is a presumed center for triggering reproductive behavior in anuran amphibians, were studied by use of a

Sexual dimorphism in the vasotocin system of the bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana)

Since the areas that showed sex differences in AVT distribution have also been implicated in control of reproductive behaviors, they may form the neural substrates for the effects of AVT on sexually dimorphic behaviors in amphibians.



Annual cycle of activity of the neurons of the anterior preoptic area in the brain of Rana esculenta L.

Nuclear volumes in APOA cells were found to fluctuate distinctly in the course of the year, and in both sexes nuclear volumes were maximal in the phases preceding the breeding season and minimal throughout the phases of active life.

A brain for all seasons: cyclical anatomical changes in song control nuclei of the canary brain.

Male canaries that have reached sexual maturity can, in subsequent years, learn new song repertoires and two telencephalic song control nuclei are hypothesized to reflect an increase and then reduction in numbers of synapses and are related to the yearly ability to acquire new motor coordinations.

The Preoptic Nucleus in Fishes: A Comparative Discussion of Function-Activity Relationships

Information from teleosts indicates that PN neurons can be divided into different classes on the basis of their combined electrophysiological and anatomical charactenstics, and some results suggest that NH may be secreted during stress and thatNH may be involved in stimulation of ACTH secretion inteleosts.

A Golgi-Electron Microscopic Study of Anterior Preoptic Neurons in the Bullfrog and the Toad

The present study shows that a portion of the APON neurons have the proper anatomical features for integrating both neural and hormonal signals concerned with the initiation of sex behavior, and suggests that the rv-APON is testothe evocation of sexual behavior in many vertesterone sensitive, and that the activity of the brate species is investigated.

Gonadal hormones induce dendritic growth in the adult avian brain.

Gonadal hormones induce dendritic growth in the adult avian brain in the form of dendrites from a class of neurons in the nucleus robustus archistriatalis, a forebrain nucleus for song control in ovariectomized adult female canaries.

Activation of sexual and aggressive behavior by androgen implanted into the male ring dove brain.

These behaviors were considered to be controlled by a common neuroendocrine activational mechanism in this species of ring doves.