The viking biological investigation: preliminary results.

  title={The viking biological investigation: preliminary results.},
  author={Harold P. Klein and Norman H. Horowitz and Gilbert V. Levin and Vance I. Oyama and Joshua Lederberg and A. Rich and Jerry S. Hubbard and Gladys L. Hobby and Patricia Ann Straat and Bonnie J. Berdahl and Glenn C. Carle and Fredrick Brown and Robert D. Johnson},
  volume={194 4260},
Three different types of biological experiments on samples of martian surface material ("soil") were conducted inside the Viking lander. In the carbon assimilation or pyrolytic release experiment, (14)CO(2) and (14)CO were exposed to soil in the presence of light. A small amount of gas was found to be converted into organic material. Heat treatment of a duplicate sample prevented such conversion. In the gas exchange experiment, soil was first humidified (exposed to water vapor) for 6 sols and… CONTINUE READING

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