The viability of open source ILS

  title={The viability of open source ILS},
  author={Marshall Breeding},

Librarians’ acceptance of open source Library Information System using the Osis-Utaut Model / Zainab Ajab Mohideen

The OSIS-UTAUT model is shown to be applicable for the measurement of librarians’ acceptance of Koha OSLIS and contributed to the measure of user acceptance of open source library information system from both user behavioral aspect and system success aspect.

A Guide for the Optimum Selection of a Free Open Source Integrated Library System

This paper performs a quantitative and qualitative analysis by examining the literature concerned with the use of FOS ILS in libraries, in order to identify the specifics, the characteristics, the utilities of these systems and provides a walkthrough guide that will aid librarians to make the optimum selection for a F OS ILS.

Acceptance of Koha Open Source System among Librarians in the Malaysian Academic Libraries: An Exploratory Qualitative Study

The findings disclose that the level of acceptance of the Koha open source system among Malaysian librarians is high as they are satisfied with the information quality, system quality and system platform and believe it meets their current and future information needs.

Proposed Low Cost Library Automation in Developing Countries Using Modern Programming & Information Technologies

This paper aims to demonstrate the efforts towards in-situ applicability of EMMARM, which aims to provide real-time information about the physical properties of EMTs and their applications in the field of computer science and information systems.

Enhancing the customer relationship management in public libraries

The integration of CRM concept as a component of library business automation process is an idea that has not been discussed widely in the library community and could initiate a positive trend in public libraries in developing countries.

A Survey on Implementation Status of Library Management Systems

The integrated framework can be designed so as to meet each kind of library strategy or technique in this way permitting the formation of a sole working stream.

Diffusion of open source integrated library systems in academic libraries in Africa

The diffusion of OS ILS in Ugandan academic libraries approximates the S-curve expected based on DoI, and this study can positively impact future patterns of diffusion for optimal deployment ofOS ILS software by informing academic libraries, university management, library association, LIS schools, and policymakers.

Efficacy of information and communication technology in digitalized students’ records management in universities in Eastern Uganda

This quantitative study examined the efficacy of adopting information and communication technology (ICT) in digitalized students’ records management among university staffs in Eastern Uganda. The