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The very effective covers of KO and KGL over Dedekind schemes

  title={The very effective covers of KO and KGL over Dedekind schemes},
  author={Tom Bachmann},
We answer a question of Hoyois–Jelisiejew–Nardin–Yakerson regarding framed models of motivic connective K-theory spectra over Dedekind schemes. 1. Statement of results Let S be a scheme. The category PΣ(Cor (S)) of presheaves with framed transfers [5, §2.3] is a motivic analog of the classical category of E∞-monoids. We have the framed suspension spectrum functor Σ∞fr : PΣ(Cor (S))→ SH(S) which was constructed in [6, Theorem 18]. By analogy with the classical situation, one might expect that… 


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