The vernacular architecture of Doha, Qatar

  title={The vernacular architecture of Doha, Qatar},
  author={Daniel Eddisford and Robert Carter},
  journal={Post-Medieval Archaeology},
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SUMMARY: The urban history of the Gulf states has been largely neglected, with historical studies of Qatar focusing on its political and economic development. This article presents an overview of the vernacular architecture of Doha that incorporates non-elite buildings. The life histories of these buildings tell the story of Qatar's rapid development in the 20th century and the dramatic changes to the society and urban fabric of its capital. Rapid development threatens to destroy this aspect of… 

Adaptation of heritage architecture in Al Asmakh, Doha: insights into an urban environment of the Gulf

SUMMARY: This paper examines the continuing legacy and occupation of Doha’s vernacular architecture of the early oil period, drawing on techniques from architecture, contemporary archaeology and

The restricted heritage significance of historic mosques in Qatar

ABSTRACT The study of contemporary mosque rehabilitation and restoration projects in Qatar reveals that the relationship between cultural heritage subjects and their actual and potential stewards is


In recent years, Qatar, a growing country in the Gulf Regions, has experienced an intense conflict about the national direction of development, oscillating between the construction of a contemporary

Women's spaces in the vernacular Qatari courtyard house: how privacy and gendered spatial segregation shape architectural identity

PurposeThis research study aims to explore sociocultural factors such as privacy and gender segregation as they relate to the spatial perception of women's spaces within the vernacular Qatari

Multi-Analysis Characterisation of a Vernacular House in Doha (Qatar): Petrography and Petrophysics of its Construction Materials

This study characterises the original construction materials (building stones and mortars) of a collapsed two-storey colonnaded structure in the Ismail Mandani house, located in the old city centre

Investigation of Housing Preferences in View of the Housing Market Dynamics in Doha Metropolitan

Since the 2000s, Doha has gone through enormous economic growth and urbanization processes. The massive migration inflows have suggested particular housing preferences that are driven by the

Multi-Layered Documentation of Heritage Villages: The Case of Tinbak, Qatar

Heritage settlements have long histories that consist of multiple layers of urban layouts, building forms, and culture. Looking at the first layer that formed the initiation stage of the growth

Tectonics in the Gulf Architecture: ‘Modernity of Tradition’ in Buildings

Materials, building technology and innovative details in design played an important role in the traditional architecture of the Gulf. Yet due to unprecedented urbanization, vernacular know-how is now



Mapping the Growth of an Arabian Gulf Town: The Case of Doha, Qatar

This paper is based on research undertaken for the Origins of Doha Project. It is a unique attempt to interrogate the construct of the Arab city against rigorously collected evidence and meticulous

Msheireb Heart of Doha: An Alternative Approach to Urbanism in the Gulf Region

The objective of this article is to highlight some of the challenges faced by emerging Gulf nation states in modernizing their cities. The Msheireb Heart of Doha Masterplan is used as an exemplar

‘There is no heritage in Qatar’: Orientalism, colonialism and other problematic histories

This article discusses the construction of Qatari heritage in the context of pre-conceived ideas of ‘cultural heritage’ predominant in the global and regional spheres that operate in this country. It

Histories of city and state in the Persian Gulf : Manama since 1800

List of abbreviations List of maps Acknowledgements Note on transliteration and terminology Glossary List of abbreviations Introduction 1. Indigenous state traditions and the dialectics of

Architecture and Globalisation in the Persian Gulf Region

© The editors and contributors 2013. All rights reserved. This is the first book ever to examine the architecture and urbanism of the Persian Gulf as a complete entity, dealing equally with

Al Asmakh historic district in Doha, Qatar: from an urban slum to living heritage

In the face of rapid economic development, population growth, people's increasing needs and their changing lifestyles, most historic centres in the Arab world have experienced problems. Located in a

The Emergence Of Qatar: The Turbulent Years 1627-1916

Rahman examines the wars, conflicts, intrigues, conspiracies, and strategic contests that were factors behind the comparatively late emergence of Qatar as an independent political entity. This is a

Gazetteer of the Persian Gulf, Oman and Central Arabia

This is the most important single source of historical material on the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia. Lorimer's Gazetteer was compiled with the original intention of providing British agents and

Rebuilding Old Downtowns : the Case of Doha , Qatar

City planners and urban designers often argue that downtown development/re-development plans can be best understood when providing two different categories of products; the regulating plan consisting

From pre-oil settlement to post-oil hub : the urban transformation of Doha

Since oil production commenced in the middle of the 20th century Qatar's capital Doha witnessed a rapid urbanisation period. Today, new development strategies, which have been implemented to