The vegetation configuration can affect sulphur dioxide removal


It is well known that green space has the ability to remove some atmospheric pollutants, but the effect of vegetation configuration on the removal has not known exactly. In this paper, four different vegetation configuration patterns were chosen, and the SO<inf>2</inf> concentrations were measured through two methods. The green spaces had the ability to remove SO<inf>2</inf> and the removal levels relate to the vegetation configuration. For the four patterns studied, pattern 4 with arbors, shrubs and grass is best, and pattern 1 with only grass is worst. It can be concluded that the broad-leaf arbors may have advantages of high biomass and fast growth and have good SO<inf>2</inf> removal capability. The vegetation configuration with multiple spatial formulas and vertical layers, quantities of arbors and complicated categories are best chosen as far as SO<inf>2</inf> removal.

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