The vector-apodizing phase plate coronagraph: design, current performance, and future development

  title={The vector-apodizing phase plate coronagraph: design, current performance, and future development},
  author={D. Doelman and F. Snik and E. Por and S. Bos and G. Otten and M. Kenworthy and S. Haffert and M. Wilby and A. Bohn and B. Sutlieff and K. Miller and M. Ouellet and J. D. Boer and C. Keller and M. Escuti and S. Shi and N. Warriner and K. Hornburg and J. Males and K. Morzinski and L. Close and J. Codona and J. Long and L. Schatz and J. Lumbres and A. Rodack and K. V. Gorkom and A. Hedglen and O. Guyon and J. Lozi and T. Groff and J. Chilcote and N. Jovanovic and S. Thibault and C. D. Jonge and G. Allain and C. Vall'ee and D. Patel and O. Cot'e and C. Marois and P. Hinz and J. Stone and A. Skemer and Z. Briesemeister and A. Boehle and A. Glauser and W. Taylor and P. Baudoz and E. Huby and O. Absil and B. Carlomagno and C. Delacroix},
Over the last decade, the vector-apodizing phase plate (vAPP) coronagraph has been developed from concept to on-sky application in many high-contrast imaging systems on 8-m class telescopes. The vAPP is an geometric-phase patterned coronagraph that is inherently broadband, and its manufacturing is enabled only by direct-write technology for liquid-crystal patterns. The vAPP generates two coronagraphic PSFs that cancel starlight on opposite sides of the point spread function (PSF) and have… Expand


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  • E. Por
  • Engineering, Physics
  • Optical Engineering + Applications
  • 2017
Patterned liquid-crystal optics for broadband coronagraphy and wavefront sensing