The vascular endothelial growth factor family of polypeptides.

  title={The vascular endothelial growth factor family of polypeptides.},
  author={Napoleone M. A. Ferrara and Keith A Houck and Lyn B. Jakeman and Jane Winer and David W. M. Leung},
  journal={Journal of cellular biochemistry},
  volume={47 3},
Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) was identified as a heparin-binding polypeptide mitogen with a target cell specificity restricted to vascular endothelial cells. Molecular cloning reveals the existence of four species of VEGF having 121, 165, 189, and 206 amino acids. These have strikingly different secretion patterns, which suggests multiple physiological roles for this family of polypeptides. The two shorter forms are efficiently secreted, while the longer ones are mostly cell… CONTINUE READING
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