The value of ultrasonography in boys with a non-palpable testis.

  title={The value of ultrasonography in boys with a non-palpable testis.},
  author={Alexander G. Vos and Annebeth Meij-de Vries and Anne M. Smets and Jonathan I.M.L. Verbeke and Hugo Anne H.A. Heij and Alida F. W. van der Steeg},
  journal={Journal of pediatric surgery},
  volume={49 7},
BACKGROUND In patients with a non-palpable testis (NPT) on physical examination, the testis is assumed either to be situated intra-abdominally or to be hypoplastic or absent. Diagnostic laparoscopy in these boys is considered the preferable first step. In this study the diagnostic value of pre-operative ultrasound for NPT is assessed in comparison with laparoscopy. METHODS All boys aged under the age of 17 years who were diagnosed with an NPT by a pediatric surgeon from 2000 till 2012 were… CONTINUE READING