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The value of travel time unreliability

  title={The value of travel time unreliability},
  author={Zhaoqi Zang and Richard Batley and Xiangdong Xu and David Z. W. Wang},
Extensive empirical studies show that the long distribution tail of travel time and the corresponding unexpected delay can have much more serious consequences than expected or moderate delay. However, the unexpected delay due to the unreliable aspect of travel time has received limited attention in recent studies of the valuation of travel time variability. As a complement to current valuation research, this paper proposes the concept of the value of travel time unreliability (VOU), which… 



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This study analyzes Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) data from San Antonio, Texas, and simulated data to demonstrate through goodness-of-fit tests that a log-normal travel-time distribution is valid only under steady-state conditions, whereas a normal distribution is not valid.

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