The value of self-reports in the study of voyeurism and exhibitionism

  title={The value of self-reports in the study of voyeurism and exhibitionism},
  author={Kurt Freund and Robin J. Watson and D Rienzo},
  journal={Annals of sex research},
Self-reports about patterns of sexual behavior among voyeurs and exhibitionists were examined. Some of their reported experiences were compared with those of other sex offenders and community controls. Four hundred and thirty-seven patients, 92 university student controls and 35 controls with a lower educational level were examined. The self-reports of voyeurs were used to construct a scale for the assessment of voyeurism in co-operative individuals. The self-reports of exhibitionists provided… 

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Long-term follow-up of exhibitionists: psychological, phallometric, and offense characteristics.

In the present investigation, sexual recidivist compared with non-recidivists were less educated, scored higher on the Michigan Alcohol Screening Test (MAST), the Psychopathy Checklist, Revised (PCL-R), and the Pedophile Index, and violent recidvists were also less educated and scoredhigher on the MAST, PCL-R, and thepedophile Index.

Portrait of an Exhibitionist

The findings of the synthesis include an estimate of the lifetime male prevalence of exhibitionism, 2–4%, peaking in late adolescence, and a recommendation for therapists to respond to individual facets of the patient’s circumstances and history.

More Than a Nuisance

Results indicate a high rate of victimization among female college students for both paraphilias, and acts of frotteurism and exhibitionism most often occurred in places related to public transportation in this urban setting.

Prediction of Recidivism in Exhibitionists: Psychological, Phallometric, and Offense Factors

Hands-on sexual recidivists demonstrated higher PCL-R ratings, higher Pedophile and Rape indices, and more prior sexual, violent, and criminal offenses than did Hands-off counterparts.

Varieties of Intrusion: Exhibitionism and Voyeurism

The present article develops sex-specific profiles for pure exhibitionists, pure voyeurs/covert intruders, and those engaging in both behaviors, using a clinical sample. Specific sexual behavior

Preferential Rape in the Theory of Courtship Disorder

It is predicted that rapists who also engaged in exhibitionistic activity would be more likely than other rapists to also engage in other expressions of courtship disorder, i.e., voyeurism and frotteurism, and these results suggest that the presence of another paraphilia, particularly exhibitionism, maybe useful as a behavioral marker for paraphilic rape-proneness.

Correlates of Exhibition-like Experiences in Childhood and Adolescence: A Model for Development of Exhibitionism in Heterosexual Males

We identified risk factors before age 18 for exhibitionism and urges to engage in exhibitionism. Sharing a tub bath with a female and allowing a female partner to look at his genitals appeared to

Self Psychology, Risk Assessment of Individuals with Exhibitionistic Disorder and the Good Lives Model—More Than Meets the Eye

ABSTRACT This article deals with the relevance of self psychology to the risk assessment and treatment of individuals with exhibitionistic disorder. First, psychoanalytic explanations of this



Experimental studies of the etiology of genital exhibitionism

The results suggest that most major theories of genital exhibitionism are wanting and it is suggested that narcissism and pedophilia be examined further in connection with exhibitionism.

The courtship disorders: A further investigation

The present study compared 16 exhibitionists with 16 sexually normal controls on penile responses to auditorily presented descriptions of the four phases of normal sexual interaction and found that responses to sexually neutral situations were smaller than those to descriptions of any category of sexual interaction.

The courtship disorders

Testing parts of the hypothesis that voyeurism, exhibitionism, toucheurism and frotteurism, obscene telephone calling, and at least some cases of the preferential rape pattern are all based on the same disturbance showed that exhibitionists who denied toucheuristic activity or tendencies responded more to touCheuristic stimuli than did controls.

Pedophilia and Exhibitionism.

Any social and psychiatric help that can be offered to a court of law and especially those dealing with sexual offenses aids not only the further understanding of behavior but also the cause of

Two types of cross-gender identity

A revision of the typology of male cross-gender identity was carried out by means of formalized, easily replicable methods. The results suggest (1) that there are two discrete types of cross-gender

Phallometric diagnosis of pedophilia.

The sensitivity of the phallometric test for pedophilia or hebephilia in complete nonadmitters is probably greater than or equal to 55% but is certainly less than 100%.

Extension of the Gender Identity Scale for males

The scale was extended and validated on subject samples corresponding to those on which the earlier scale had been validated, and each item of the new scale differentiated among the groups in an experimental sample and, subsequently, in a cross-validation sample.


Sexual crimes always have some relationship to the sex drives; besides this, the only common features of sexual crimes are of a legal character. In Denmark, sexual offenses are set forth in Chapter

Multiple paraphilic diagnoses among sex offenders.

It is discovered that most paraphiliacs have had significant experience with as many as ten different types of deviant sexual behavior without regard, in many cases, to gender, age, and familial relationship of the victim.

The components of rapists' sexual arousal.

The erections of rapists and nonrapists were measured during audio descriptions of rape and nonrape sexual scenes to discriminate those rapists with the highest frequency of rape, those who had injured their victim, and those who chose children as victims.