The value of pre-operative investigations in local anaesthetic ophthalmic surgery


This study was performed to assess the value of routine investigations performed on ophthalmic patients undergoing local anaesthetic surgery. Patients attending the pre-operative assessment had investigations ordered as outlined in accordance with the guidelines of the Joint Working Party on Anaesthesia in Ophthalmic Surgery. The results of investigations were sealed in a clearly marked envelope and stapled to a prominent position on the notes. Any envelopes found unopened at the end of surgery were assumed to have been unseen by either the anaesthetist or surgeon. The effects on patient management were noted. Abnormal results were found in 102 of 314 investigations performed in 100 patients. Of the 100 envelopes 95 were unopened at the end of surgery. No patients had their peri-operative management changed because of the investigations performed. An adequate pre-operative assessment with a history and examination is sufficient in most patients undergoing local anaesthetic ophthalmic surgery, avoiding unnecessary investigations.

DOI: 10.1038/eye.1997.217

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