The value of power-related options under spectrally negative Lévy processes

  title={The value of power-related options under spectrally negative L{\'e}vy processes},
  author={Jean-Philippe Aguilar},
  journal={Review of Derivatives Research},
We provide analytical tools for pricing power options with exotic features (capped or log payoffs, gap options etc.) in the framework of exponential Lévy models driven by one-sided stable or tempered stable processes. Pricing formulas take the form of fast converging series of powers of the log-forward moneyness and of the time-to-maturity; these series are obtained via a factorized integral representation in the Mellin space evaluated by means of residues in $$\mathbb {C}$$ C or $$\mathbb {C… 

Closed-form option pricing for exponential Lévy models: a residue approach

Exponential Lévy processes provide a natural and tractable generalization of the classic Black–Scholes–Merton model which account for several stylized features of financial markets, including jumps

Pricing Path-Independent Payoffs with Exotic Features in the Fractional Diffusion Model

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This paper presents a novel method to price discretely monitored single‐ and double‐barrier options in Lévy process‐based models. The method involves a sequential evaluation of Hilbert transforms of

On the Pricing of Power and Other Polynomial Options

The authors first show how to price such options under several important price processes, including Heston-style stochastic volatility and a general Lévy process, and derive the formula for an option with a general polynomial payoff, as a function of power options.

Pure Jump Levy Processes for Asset Price Modelling

The goal of the paper is to show that some types of Levy processes such as the hyperbolic motion and the CGMY are particularly suitable for asset price modelling and option pricing. We wish to review

Efficient Option Pricing by Frame Duality with the Fast Fourier Transform

  • J. Kirkby
  • Mathematics
    SIAM J. Financial Math.
  • 2015
A method for efficiently inverting analytic characteristic functions using frame projection, as in the case of Heston's model and exponential Levy models, is developed and convergence is demonstrated for geometric Asian options as well as the pricing of baskets of European options.

Monte Carlo Option Pricing for Tempered Stable (CGMY) Processes

Lévy processes are popular models for stock price behavior since they allow to take into account jump risk and reproduce the implied volatility smile. In this paper, we focus on the tempered stable

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In this paper we study the pricing and hedging of options whose payoff is a polynomial function of the underlying price at expiration; so-called ‘power options’. Working in the well-known Black and

A Jump-Diffusion Model for Option Pricing

  • S. Kou
  • Economics
    Manag. Sci.
  • 2002
A double exponential jump-diffusion model is proposed, for the purpose of option pricing, which is simple enough to produce analytical solutions for a variety of option-pricing problems, including call and put options, interest rate derivatives, and path-dependent options.

Small-Maturity Asymptotics for the At-The-Money Implied Volatility Slope in Lévy Models

The main results quantify the behaviour of the slope for infinite activity exponential Lévy models including a Brownian component, and discuss when the ATM slope is consistent with the steepness of the smile wings, as given by Lee's moment formula.

On expansions for the Black-Scholes prices and hedge parameters