The value of luteal support with progesterone in gonadotropin-induced cycles.

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Release Property of Progesterone from a Mixed-Base Suppository Consisting of Witepsol® W35 and Witepsol® E85
It was suggested that the release of drug from a mixed type of suppository containing progesterone was via the matrix and pores.
This paper aims to provide a history of the field of Gynaecology and Obstetrics in Morocco and some of the techniques used in this field have changed in recent years.
Progesterone Supplement and Luteal Phase Deficiency in Unifollicular Intrauterine Insemination Cycles Unifoliküler İntrauterin İnseminasyon Sikluslarinda Luteal Faz Defekti ve Progesteron Desteği
It is proved that progesterone supple- mentation is a beneficial factor in pregnancies achieved with intra uterine insemination and it is emphasised that luteal phase deficiency does not always occur in multifollicular cycles but can be seen in unifolikuler cycles as well.
Impact du soutien de la phase lutéale par hCG dans les inséminations intra-utérines
Notre etude ne montre pas de benefice significatif au soutien de the phase luteale par hCG apres les inseminations intra-uterines, bien que les taux de grossesses soient plus eleves dans le groupe soutier de la phase lutesale.
Praktisches Vorgehen bei gestörter Ovarfunktion und mit ihr assoziierten Phänomenen
Was ist eine normale Ovarfunktion? In der Sterilitatssprechstunde ist diejenige Ovarfunktion normal, die mit dem Eintreten einer ungestort verlaufenden Schwangerschaft vereinbar ist. Eine solch enge
Luteal phase support in intrauterine insemination cycles: a prospective randomized study of 300 mg versus 600 mg intravaginal progesterone tablet
It is claimed that 300 mg of intravaginal micronized P should be the maximum dose of LPS in IUI cycles, comparing the two groups of women.
The impact of progesterone supplementation on pregnancy rates after intrauterine insemination in patients developing a single follicle
IUI luteal phase supplementation with oral progesterone may improve clinical pregnancy rates when begun the day after insemination, and this was a non-randomized prospective controlled study performed on 591 intrauterineinsemination cycles.
Luteal phase support may improve pregnancy outcomes during intrauterine insemination cycles.
  • M. A. Maher
  • Medicine
    European journal of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive biology
  • 2011
Praktisches Vorgehen bei gestörter Ovarfunktion und damit assoziierten Phänomenen
Einengung der Definition „normale Ovarfunktion“ auf die ovulatorische Funktion jedoch nicht korrekt, denn es gibt eine Reihe physiologischer Situationen, in denen die OvarFunktion zwar normal, aber nicht ovulatorisch ist.


Luteal phase hyperprolactinemia during ovulation induction with human menopausal gonadotropins: incidence, recurrence, and effect on pregnancy rates.
It is concluded that the development of luteal phase hyperprolactinemia during ovulation induction with hMG/hCG is an isolated event and high preovulatory estrogen levels may predispose to its development.
Vaginal progesterone as luteal phase support in an IVF/GIFT programme.
Progesterone administration in patients with absent ovaries.
Serum levels of progesterone after intramuscular injection were five times higher than after vaginal administration and histologic and electron microscopic pictures were similar in all treatment groups and were close to the expected day 21 of the cycle.
Association of moderate obesity with a poor pregnancy outcome in women with polycystic ovary syndrome treated with low dose gonadotrophin
The effect of moderate obesity on the outcome of induction of ovulation with low dose gonadotrophin in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is studied.
Diagnosis and Treatment of Functional Infertility
Part 1 Female infertility: regulation of the female reproductive system classification of anovulatory states gonadotrophin-releasing hormone and its analogs compounds with estrogen-like activity