The value of alpha calcidol therapy in advanced osteoporosis


In this study AlphacaIcidol (Alpha D3) is used in 80 advanced osteoporosis cases. Mean age was 51.5. There were 71 female and 9 male patient. Bone mineral density is the most valuable parameter for sklatal condition of a parson. 2n the study mean Z scot obtained with DEXA (Dual-Photon Absorhtiomatry) and bona density regard to gr/cm2 is compared before and after treatment.Firstly in osteodansitometric measurements is made in ags matched according tO normalls. After young versus adult bona density is compared.alpha calcidol is a drug t~at is especially recomJnendad to be used in cases with reduced alpha hydroxilase enzyme activity. When this enzyme is decreased calciumrsabsorbtJon from the intestines will be raducad.A long with alfa ])3 therapy hypercalcamia is espectad. To prevent this serum calcium, phosphor and alkallnphosphatasa Values are obtained monthly. 27~erapy is started with a dose of 0.25mcg and gradually increased 0.50 and 0.75 and up to Imcg. After reaching that level the dose is again gradually decrased tO 0.25meg and after remaining at this level for i moath the dosage is increased periodically once more. 2n this study BUD evaluation was done in the standard manner (spine + femur). The results was evaluated by spine AP findings. mean mean z scot BIOlD (gr/cm2) young-adult Before treatment -3.4 0.650 66 After " -2. I 0.825 77 P value p<'0.05 p< 0.01 pC 0.05 Z scots, mean BI4Z), young-adult parsanta!ge parameters are compared =statistically before and after treatment. P values were found to be statistically significant. As a result we conclude that Alpha D3, is an effective drug for advanced ostaoporos~s that increases the hone density. BIOCHEMICAL FEATURES OF OSTEOPOROSIS (OP) FOLLOWING KIDNEY TRANSPLANTATION I.P.Yermakova, I.A.Pronchenko, V.P.Buzulina, I.V.Rekina, I.E.Borodulin; Institute of Transplantology and Artificial Organs, Moscow, RF

DOI: 10.1007/BF02500627

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