The utilization of instructional technology in Turkey

  title={The utilization of instructional technology in Turkey},
  author={Servet Bayram and Barbara A. Seels},
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An investigation of Saudi Arabian EFL teachers’ engagement with technology
Technology has become a central component of many progressive and developmental trends in education. Accordingly, the task of increasing the effectiveness of the learning processes can be performed
Integrating information and communications technology (ICT) into pre-service science teacher education : the challenges of change in a Turkish faculty of education
Integrating Information and Communications Technology (ICT) into Pre-Service Science Teacher Education: The Challenge of Change in a Turkish Faculty of Education Nedim ALEV, EdD Thesis, August 2003
Systematic Analysis of International Computer and Instructional Technologies Symposium: 2013-2018 Period
Uluslararasi Bilgisayar ve Ogretim Teknolojileri Sempozyumu genel cercevede Egitim/Ogretim Teknolojileri alani kapsaminda yapilmis calismalarin sunuldugu geleneksel alan konferanslarindan birisidir.
Policy, practice, and reality: exploring a nation-wide technology implementation in Turkish schools
Technology has already become an indispensable part of our lives, and nations around the world see schools as the main agents to prepare their youth for a technology-filled future, and invest
Role of Mobile Technologies in Education: Turkey
Integrating Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) into a centralized education system in Turkey has been an expensive and complex process. Turkish Ministry of National Education (MNE)
Preservice teachers’ training and technology use: A case study Öğretmen adaylarının eğitimi ve teknoloji kullanımı: Bir durum çalışması
This study aims to examine the opinions of preservice teachers about technology use at education faculties during their training. Fourth year preservice teachers (n=159) in the education faculty of a
Homework motivation and preferences of Turkish students
Turkish students’ motivation sources, organisational approaches, physical needs and environmental and interpersonal preferences during the homework process were examined in 1776 students in Grades
Relationships of Homework Motivation and Preferences to Homework Achievement and Attitudes in Turkish Students
Whether students' motivation, organizational approaches, physical needs, and environmental and interpersonal preferences during the homework process predict homework achievement and attitudes toward
An aspect on the school culture in Turkey and the United States
The purpose of this study is to get a better understanding on school culture in the United States and Turkey. In this quantitative investigation, data were collected using the “School Culture


Monopolistic Educational Bureaucracy (MEB): The Dis-Ease Destroying Public Education.
The authors, based on their experience as students, teachers, teacher educators, and parents, discuss public schools and their problems. They think public schools are suffering from the effects of a
Distance education in the Turkish secondary education system
ConclusionThe OHS, although newly established, has created great interest among all the media. It is evident that this interest will continue to increase. This means that the OHS filled a very
Networks for Knowledge: The Turkish Electronic Classroom in the Twenty‐first Century
How standards in Turkey are rising, and how technologies can assist the education process to be more creative, and more based on problem solving and the application of information in new and different contexts is looked at.
The design and administration of intergovernmental transfers : fiscal decentralization in Latin America
This document examines the design and adminstration of intergovernmental transfers in recent decentralized governments. Even in decentralized systems, central government structures have permanent
School Decentralization: Lessons from the Study of Bureaucracy
This report discusses the meaning of decentralization based on social science theory and the experiences of other public institutions. It defines decentralization in terms of decision-making
Diffusion of Innovations
Diffusion is the process by which an innovation is communicated through certain channels over time among the members of a social system by concerned with the spread of messages that are perceived as new ideal.