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The use qualities of digital designs

  title={The use qualities of digital designs},
  author={Jonas L{\"o}wgren},
Interaction design is about creating conditions for good use of digital designs. But the only way to learn those conditions, to understand the relations between design choices and resulting use, is still largely by practice and apprenticeship. I propose to think about interaction design in terms of use qualities, i.e., certain properties of a digital design that are experienced in its use. Such qualities transcend the specifi c design and offer a language in which to talk about desirable design… Expand
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This manual is a good choice for your to repair, fix and solve your product or service or device problems don't try an oversight. Expand
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Machine Beauty: Elegance And The Heart Of Technology
From the Publisher: When something works well, you can feel it; there is a sense of rightness to it. We call that rightness beauty, and it ought to be the single most important component of design.Expand
Avatopia: planning a community for non-violent societal action
Avatopia is a virtual community intended to provide the means for non-violent societal action among young teenagers and is based on four cornerstones: cross-media presence, a strategy for seeding the community, collective narration as a vehicle for action, and a custom-designed avatar world providing necessary tools and structures. Expand
Sens-A-Patch: interactive visualization of label spaces
  • J. Löwgren
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings Fifth International Conference on Information Visualisation
  • 2001
Sens-A-Patch implements the principles of spatial meaning, focus+context and tight coupling in a space-efficient way and is shown empirically to be usable for broadcast media, such as Web-site index pages. Expand
Dynamic queries for information exploration: an implementation and evaluation
A new concept for direct manipulation of databases, called dynamic queries, that allows users to formulate queries with graphical widgets, such as sliders, is designed, implemented and evaluated. Expand
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Understanding and Checking.- Understanding.- Producing Evidence.- Evaluating.- Variety and Unity.- Epistemic Change.- Kinds of Knowledge.- Upshot.