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The use of teledentistry for remote learning applications.

  title={The use of teledentistry for remote learning applications.},
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  • L. Yoshinaga
  • Published 1 May 2001
  • Medicine, Computer Science
  • Practical procedures & aesthetic dentistry : PPAD
A New Hope-Teledentistry
Teledentistry is a combination of telecommunication and dentistry. It is used by information-based technologies and communication systems to deliver dental services. It is a smart way to overcome the
Rapid implementation of teledentistry during the Covid-19 lockdown
The quality of treatment provided via teledentistry, as perceived by patients using the service, as well as their willingness to use online distant medical consultation in the future are evaluated.
Reviewing Teledentistry Usage in Canada during COVID-19 to Determine Possible Future Opportunities
How Canadian organizations supported teledentistry and what can be expected about its usage in the post-pandemic era is reviewed to potentially make oral health care delivery more effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly in Canada.
Teledentistry: A Boon Amidst COVID-19 Lockdown—A Narrative Review
Teledentistry is a combination of telecommunications and dentistry, involving the exchange of clinical information and images for dental consultation and treatment planning, which served as a boon for the dentists to manage dental emergencies during the COVID-19 lockdown.
Feasibility and acceptability of an oral pathology asynchronous tele-mentoring intervention: A protocol
The study will evaluate whether or not the use of intra-oral cameras and a tele-mentoring component that facilitates consultation with an oral pathology expert aids in the detection and identification of oral lesions during routine dental visits.
Recent Advances in Oral Healthcare- A Review
Dentists continue to utilise high-quality treatment approaches which are more accurate, faster, and precise than traditional methods, resulting in improved healthcare for their patients.
Teledentistry: Is It the Future of Rural Dental Practice? A Cross-sectional Study
Of the dentists, 90% agree that teledentistry would be the major advancement in the future; however, there needs to be a specific module of operation and promotion of the module in future.
A systematic review of the research evidence for the benefits of teledentistry
There is emerging evidence supporting the efficacy of teledentistry, however, there is not yet enough conclusive evidence, particularly for its effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and long-term use, to make evidence-based policy decisions on teledENTistry.
Le nécessaire questionnement éthique autour de la relation de soin en télémédecine bucco-dentaire
En transformant la relation de soin, la telemedecine, en particulier bucco-dentaire, virtualise la rencontre medicale et produit une mutation du modele relationnel classique qui rearticule la
Photographic caries assessment by different members of the dental team: a mobile teledentistry model
The water quality of the Mediterranean Sea has changed in recent years from being generally good to excellent, with the exception of the Black Sea, which has experienced declining water quality in recent decades.