The use of sodium nitrite for deliberate self-harm, and the online suicide market: Should we care?

  title={The use of sodium nitrite for deliberate self-harm, and the online suicide market: Should we care?},
  author={Yub Raj Sedhai and Alok Atreya and Soney Basnyat and Prabin Phuyal and Sagar Pokhrel},
  journal={Medico-Legal Journal},
  pages={79 - 80}
Sodium nitrite is a common household product with a variety of uses such as curing meat, food additive, colouring agent, anti-freezing agent and disinfectant. We report a case of sodium nitrite intoxication for deliberate self-harm and discuss the increasing number of such cases in recent times. 
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Suicide attempt using sodium nitrite ordered on the internet: Two case reports.

Case reports of 2 patients who attempted suicide by sodium nitrite after ordering a "suicide powder" on the internet market are presented, highlighting how simple and easy it is to buy Sodium nitrite for suicidal purposes.

Increasing use of sodium nitrite in suicides—an emerging trend

While autopsy findings were generally consistent with the literature, scene findings emphasized the accessibility of sodium nitrite to the general public as well as important analytical limitations in the evaluation of suspected cases.



Another suicide by sodium nitrite and multiple drugs: an alarming trend for “exit”?

The autopsy showed completely fixed grayish livor mortis, signs of asphyxia on the lips, and facial cyanosis, highlighting how relatively easy it is to buy sodium nitrite to commit suicide, indicating that specific responses should focus on restricting its access, especially in large quantities.

A fatal case by a suicide kit containing sodium nitrite ordered on the internet.

Severe Methemoglobinemia and Death From Intentional Sodium Nitrite Ingestions.

Extreme methaemoglobinaemia secondary to recreational use of amyl nitrite.

A case of extreme, life-threatening methaemoglobinaemia due to the recreational use of amyl (isobutyl) nitrite is presented and no case has been found in the literature where the MetHb level was so high.

Delayed neurological deterioration after subarachnoid haemorrhage

Treatment for DCI is thought to be caused by the combined effects of angiographic vasospasm, arteriolar constriction and thrombosis, cortical spreading ischaemia, and processes triggered by EBI.

ACMT 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting Abstracts – New York, NY

These are the abstracts of the 2020 American College of Medical Toxicology (ACMT) Annual Scientific Meeting, including research studies from around the globe and the ToxIC collaboration, clinically significant case reports describing new toxicologic phenomena, and encore research presentations from other scientific meetings.

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