The use of priestly legal tradition in Joshua and the composition of the Pentateuch and Joshua

  title={The use of priestly legal tradition in Joshua and the composition of the Pentateuch and Joshua},
  author={Pekka M A Pitk{\"a}nen},
  journal={Old Testament essays},
  • P. Pitkänen
  • Published 6 August 2016
  • Linguistics
  • Old Testament essays
This article looks at how priestly legal materials can be seen to have been used in Joshua. This includes the allotment of towns of refuge, levitical towns, the concept of centralization of worship (Joshua 22:9-34) and the Passover. The argument will be that priestly material has been incorporated in a Deuteronomic framework and that Joshua can be seen as a document that quite uniquely combines Priestly and Deuteronomic legal materials. In this, Deuteronomic legal materials can be considered as… 
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