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The use of power ultrasound to enhance food processing technologies

  title={The use of power ultrasound to enhance food processing technologies},
  author={Sandra E. Kentish and Muthupandian Ashokkumar},
The use of power ultrasound refers to the application of sound that is just above the range of human hearing. Under these conditions, an acoustic wave is able to create very high levels of turbulence within an aqueous solution, through the generation of transient cavitation, the growth and violent collapse of microbubbles. Many scientists will be aware of the use of ultrasonic cell disruptors and ultrasonic baths that make use of this focused mechanical energy. However, with the development of… 

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Sonocrystallization: The Use of Ultrasound for Improved Industrial Crystallization

An overview of the application of power ultrasound to crystallization of organic molecules, and the equipment developed in recent years in which sonocrystallization and sonochemistry may be carried

Hot topic: sonication increases the heat stability of whey proteins.

It is shown that the application of ultrasound for a very short duration after such a heating step breaks down these aggregates and prevents their reformation on subsequent heating, thereby reducing the viscosity increase that is usually associated with this process.

Effect of ultrasound on the physical and functional properties of reconstituted whey protein powders.

Improvements in gel strength and microstructure of the whey protein gels indicated a compact network of densely packed wheyprotein aggregates arising from ultrasound treatment, suggesting that the mechanism for gel promotion is different from the well known effects of pH.

Ultrasonic nebulization in aqueous solutions and the role of interfacial adsorption dynamics in surfactant enrichment.

High-density micron-sized aerosols from liquid surfaces were generated using an ultrasonic nebulization technique in the absence and presence of a number of surfactants, indicating turbulent mass transfer is the rate limiting step.

proteins in reconstituted whey protein concentrate.

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